INGADESFA’s sludge treatment equipments are made by a robust and compact dehydrator that must be accompanied either by a tank of flocculation or by a sludge thickener, which confers an enormous versatility to the equipment when it comes to working and operation possibilities, reducing drasticly the necessary surface for the implantation of the sludge line of in a waste water plant.

The application possibilities are very variable within the sludge´s world, being able to be used in urban wastewater, water-treatment plant, meat industry, vegetable processing, Marpol residues, chemical industry, oil industry, milky industry, etc.
The equipment is used for the biological sludge treatment coming from a large variety of waste water types: municipal, industrial, agricultural, etc, with an initial concentration which varies from 2 g/l. to 80 g/l.


  • Strong and easy to use.
  • Self-cleaning system. It does not clough thanks to its slow screw.
  • Adaptable to different concentrations and types of sludge.
  • Hardly no smell, due to the short time of transition of sludge.
  • Quiet equipment. No vibrations.
  • Low power consumption (less than 10 Wh by kg of sludge).
  • Low polymer consumption (6,3 kg by ton of DS).
  • Activityy of almost the 100% of the running time.

Easy Installation:

  • Directly connected to the biological thank or to the thickener.
  • Dynamic thickener. No need of a previous thickening.
  • Ready to use: it is only needs to be connected to power and hydraulically.
  • Easy integration inside of an existing waste water plant.
  • Low power qualification (0.5 to 1.5 kW).
  • Compact size (<3 ms ² in a land of 10,000 heq).
  • Easy to transport (totally packed for its transport).

Easy application:

  • Fully automated performance 24/7.
  • Instantaneuos STOP & GO, no qualified staff needed.
  • The quality of the final sludge can be controlled visually, no qualified staff needed.
  • The Control can be reduced to the minimum with our analyzed system what permits adapted to the sludge`s characteristics whatever any condition.